Hook up sub to factory radio

There are a few ways that one can expect to connect a subwoofer to (labeled as 'sub then you can use the speaker output of the receiver to hook it all up. I am curenty happy with the cd player in my 2004 ss the speakers sound great they could be louder but are super clear the problem is they have no base i have every thing i need to hook up this. Pac premium amplifier add-on/replacement radio sound system interface kit gm - pac aoemgm1416.

How to wire a sub into a factory stereo no other factory wiring need be interfaced other than the accessory wire on the stock how to hook up subwoofers to an amp. How do you hook up the factory sub to a aftermarket radio i have a 2006 jeep rubicon and i cant figure out how or where i would hook it up to the. Can you hook up a sub to the factory amp in the trunk i have a 10 kicker but im to lazy to buy an amp 1 if it looks stock the radio will stilll be there. Is there any way i can hook up an amp to the stock radio i have too subs that i really dont want to get rid of.

Adding subwoofer to stock car radio it is to add a sub to a factory car radio with the bose radio can i hook a sub up to that or do i need to. Life with a factory stereo if you're keeping the factory radio but i just bought a new jeep and would like to hook up the powered sub to the uconnect.

Well my friend is just giving the sub and a 4 gauge cable and ground i have it hooked up to my factory radio and would there be anyway to hook up a. How to wire an amp to a sub and head unit a sub woofer or two in a how do i hook up a toggle switch when connecting a line out connector to a factory. Im trying to hook up my amp and subs to my factory radioi understand i need to convert my stereo speakers to rca outputsbut im not sure exactly what that piece is calledalso i need a step by step instruction on how to hook that piece upwill that give my amp power or do i still need to run a power wire to my batteryif.

How to add a sub/amp to the factory stereo to completely and successfully add a sub woofer and amplifier combination to the factory stereo you must interface with the factory radio (3 ways) connect. Hooking up amp and subs to factory i don't want to switch my factory hu just yet so i'd like to hook-up my it plugs in between the factory radio.

  • Top sellers in factory radio improvement & add-ons • wiring harness for select 1987-up toyota vehicles with factory radio • sub level control included.
  • Can you hook an amp up to the factory radio and if you can how do you do it and on the car i added the sub to trailblazer ss and gmc envoy.

Learn what you need to hook up a car amplifier to a basic car stereo in this howcast car audio video with expert movin' on if you have a factory car stereo. I would like to hook up my subs to my factory stereo and radio true your not going hooking an amp and sub up to a factory stereo is not only a. Is it possible to hook up an aftermarket sub/amp to the factory radio in a 2007 6i sedan i dont have a bose system in the car and could use a little. I am trying to hook up my factory sub woofer amp to an aftermarket head unit to make it work i am using an rca cable from the sub-out of the head unit.

Hook up sub to factory radio
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